Love you every step of the way!

Why Choose Us

At Loving You Assisted Living, we understand that to most people you may be an individual, but to your loved one you may be everything. Therefore, you cannot be replaced. However, with our support you can continue with Life's Necessary Pursuits knowing your loved one is our top priority, is safe, and supported 24/7 in our care.

What Makes us Different

Furthermore, we want you to understand that to us at Loving You Assisted Living. you are our top priority at Loving you Assisted Living Facility and NOT a $$ sign.

We put you first at ALL TIMES. We take pride in supporting independence, privacy, dignity, wellbeing and sharing unselfish love.

We are a close-net group by design because this structure provides most opportunities to deliver the best outcome:

• A small ratio of worker to client ensure the delivery of top-quality care that set us apart from the rest.

• We respond quickly to clients’ needs

• We promote intimate care and keen observation

• We ensure support and security

• Encourages client's companionship and interactions among community workers and clients.

• We stake time understand each client's individually.

• We understand that you are second to none, therefore we make the most of every opportunity to display and reinforce our core values of love. Your independence, safety, and wellbeing, respect and love is of outmost importance. You can rely on us. Our community is here to serve and to help when you need it.

• Our staff is well trained, experience and is compassionate. We surround our clients with the best support

• You can have peace of mind when your loved one is in our care.

Home Characteristics

Loving You Assisted Living provides a great option to nursing homes and larger assisted living placement

• Clean, safe, elegant, loving environment

• Mobility equipped (wheelchair ramp and stair glide)

• We offer only private rooms

• Conveniently located near Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics, and our brand-new Waldorf Senior and Recreation Center, St. Charles Mall and two state-of-the-art movie theaters with reclining seating

• Convenient onsite transportation 

Individualized Care

• On Staff Nurse 

. In home Occupational and Physical Therapy available

. Up to Level 3 care 

24/7 around the clock care

• Holistic approach to individual need-based care

• Close-knit group setting with a home style feel

• Assistance/supervision with activities of daily living

• Highly qualified staff with more than 40 years combined healthcare related experience


•On Staff Chief

Dietitian approved meals

• Nutrition focus

• Three meals daily and snacks (kosher, vegetarian and meat options)


​• In-house motivational sessions - open to family and ​friends

• “Celebrating you” sessions

• Music therapy

• Table games

• Motivational session

• Back in my time reflections

• Senior/ Youth sessions

• On-site and off-site recreational activities

• On-site / off-site devotion

• Cultural celebrations

• Routine exercise

• Pot planting

Community Days:

• Block Barque

• Friends and Family Day

• Offsite support system workshops

• Community outreach opportunities

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